professional working on Apple devices

A large Queensland regional Council embarked on a significant digital transformation initiative to migrate approximately 2,100 Council-owned Apple iPhones and iPads from their existing MobileIron instance to Microsoft Intune. This migration aimed to streamline device management processes, enhance security, and leverage the advanced features offered by Intune. 

To execute this complex migration seamlessly, the council engaged Mobile Mentor, a trusted provider of mobile solutions and managed mobility services. 


The migration process posed several challenges for the Council: 

  1. Scale and Complexity: Managing the migration of 2,100 devices required meticulous planning and execution to limit disruptions and ensure data integrity.
  2. Integration with Vendor Systems: Seamless integration with vendor systems such as Apple Business Manager and Android Enterprise was essential to maintain device functionality and ensure compatibility with existing workflows.


Mobile Mentor’s Approach 

Mobile Mentor adopted a systematic approach to address the challenges and facilitate a successful migration: 

  1. Use-Case Selection and Phased Migration: Mobile Mentor guided Council in selecting appropriate use cases and breaking down the migration into manageable phases to minimize disruptions and optimize resource allocation. 
  2. Migration Plan and User Migration Instructions: Mobile Mentor developed detailed migration plans and user migration instructions tailored to each use case and device type, ensuring a structured and efficient migration process. 
  3. User Communications: Mobile Mentor developed comprehensive user communication strategies to keep council employees informed throughout the migration process, addressing FAQs and providing guidance on any changes or actions required from their end. 
  4. Technical Support and Troubleshooting: Mobile Mentor provided dedicated technical support and troubleshooting assistance to address any issues encountered during the migration, ensuring minimal downtime and user impact. 
  5. Knowledge Transfer: Throughout the project, Mobile Mentor actively collaborated with the council’s IT team, sharing best practices, migration artifacts, and documentation to enhance their understanding of Intune and equip them with the necessary skills to manage the environment independently post-migration. 


Results and Benefits 

Thanks to Mobile Mentor’s expertise and support, the council successfully migrated 2,100 devices from MobileIron to Microsoft Intune with minimal disruption to operations. The key results and benefits achieved include: 

Improved Device Management: Intune’s advanced management capabilities have enabled the council to streamline device provisioning, configuration, and security enforcement, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. 

Enhanced Security: Intune’s robust security features have strengthened device and data protection, mitigating security risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Seamless User Experience: Clear communication, comprehensive user instructions, and responsive support from Mobile Mentor have ensured a smooth transition for council employees, minimizing downtime and user impact. 

Empowered IT Team: Through knowledge transfer and collaboration with Mobile Mentor, the council’s IT team has gained valuable insights and skills to effectively manage and support the Intune environment, ensuring long-term success and sustainability. 



By leveraging Mobile Mentor’s expertise and support in Intune, this council has achieved its objectives of modernizing device management, enhancing security, and empowering its workforce for future success in the digital era.