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Accelerate Innovation with Microsoft PowerApps, Flow & Power BI

What will your employees achieve with the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is the combination of Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Power BI. Each one of these is a power enabler. Together, they transform the way work gets done by your employees. 

  • Microsoft PowerApps – Build and deploy apps for your employees with minimal coding
  • Microsoft Flow – Automate workflows, processes and notifications so nothing gets missed
  • Microsoft Power BI – Dynamic dashboards to provide real-time visibility of what matters
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Microsoft PowerApps
Microsoft PowerApps

Take the Mobile Mentor Ten-Day Challenge

In 10 days, we will build a proof of concept for your business to:

  • Capture operational data using a Microsoft PowerApp 
  • Automate a workflow or process with Microsoft Flow 
  • Display a real-time interactive dashboard with Microsoft Power BI

Unlock the potential of your mobile workforce with the Microsoft Power Platform. 

 Take the 10-Day Power Platform Challenge!

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