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Microsoft PowerApps

What is Microsoft PowerApps?

PowerApps is a tool for developing internal apps.

  • Are you performing inventory audits using Excel?
  • Are people doing inspections or surveys on paper?
  • Are you already using Microsoft Office 365?

If yes, then you could streamline internal business processes with PowerApps!

PowerApps is an exciting tool in Office 365 to develop apps for internal users.  It is not intended for external customer-facing apps, rather PowerApps is intended to capture and share information between internal mobile users and information resources.  These can be Excel sheets, SharePoint, OneDrive and Sequel databases, or external resources such as DropBox, SalesForce or Twitter etc.

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What skills are needed to use PowerApps?

PowerApps is a low-code tool for non-coders.

  • Is your IT department resource constrained?
  • Do you understand the problem you want to solve with an app?
  • Are you familiar with Excel formulas and scripts?

If so, then you may be able to build an internal app with PowerApps. 

Once the environment is set-up, most of the ‘development’ work is drag and drop and does not require coding skills. Some formulas are required and some technical assistance may be required but this tool was built for non-coders. 

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Microsoft PowerApps

How can Mobile Mentor help me?

Mobile Mentor can assist with the set-up and support. 

You may need some help to get started or you may need ongoing support with most complex tasks, such as:

  • Develop off-line functionality
  • Develop custom coding for a PowerApp
  • Establish connectivity to on-premise systems
  • Develop a custom API
  • Develop custom analytics for a PowerApp
  • Configure user support channels
  • Configure app performance dashboard
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