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Accelerate Your Mobile Journey with PowerApps and Flow

Here are the Microsoft PowerApps services we offer

  • Power-Up
  • Power-Boost
  • Power-Launch
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Power-Up $5,000

Our 2-day training workshop to get started with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow

  • Assign appropriate licenses and permissions
  • Create branded root template
  • Connect to SharePoint, OneDrive and Sequel
  • Training workshop for IT Administrators
  • Training workshop for technical experts
  • Training workshop for citizen developers
  • Develop the first PowerApp with a custom flow
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Power-Boost $7,500

Hire an expert for a week to help with these tasks

  • Develop off-line functionality
  • Develop custom coding for a PowerApp
  • Establish connectivity to on-premise systems
  • Develop a custom API
  • Develop custom analytics for a PowerApp
  • Configure user support channels
  • Configure app performance dashboard
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Power-Launch $10,000

Power-Launch $10,000

Prepare your Microsoft PowerApps for full-scale production with security and support

  • Review and optimize user interface design
  • Review and optimize Flows
  • Review and optimize connections
  • Review and optimize data security
  • Review and optimize app performance
  • Configure user support channels
  • Configure app performance dashboard
  • Risk review (capacity, load testing, etc.)
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