It comes as no surprise that many security breaches are due to compromised credentials. It is unfortunate, but most people are still reliant on passwords to access confidential information in their work and private lives – many without multifactor authentication.

The reality is that passwords are no longer secure enough in the current cyber climate. It is imperative that organizations and individuals embrace passwordless authentication in 2021 and beyond.

In this video, Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea talks with accomplished Modern Work and Security Engineer, Terrence Brown, about Passwordless Authentication. The two discuss what it means to go passwordless and the security advantages a passwordless environment can provide to forward-thinking businesses.

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What does it mean to go passwordless?

Which categories of devices does passwordless authentication apply to?

What is the problem we can solve with passwordless authentication?

Why is passwordless such an important topic at this juncture in time?

What does a passwordless environment help us achieve?

What are the building blocks to achieve a passwordless environment?

Who are some groups that are using passwordless authentication well?

Why isn’t every group leveraging passwordless capabilities?

What are the costs associated with going passwordless?

Is passwordless authentication a ‘nice to have’ or ‘must have’ capability?

Where does passwordless fit into the modern endpoint management framework?


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