Back in April 2011

Gartner released the first ever Mobile Device Management (MDM) quadrant as the market rush to manage smartphones inside business and government raged on.  Mobile Device Management with the focus on the ‘device’ was spot on for that time with the majority of the functions and features offered by the market leaders focusing solely on the device such as security (set the passcode), wipe (both selective and full device) along with basic configurations such as setting WiFi and email credentials.


1.21 Gigawatts

By June 2014 the market had matured to a point that Gartner renamed the quadrant to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) as the focus moved to more advanced functions such as managing the configuration and distribution of apps and VPN connections.

Not standing still in July 2018 the quadrant was re named to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) to include additional operating systems from Microsoft with Windows 10 and macOS from Apple.  The quadrant also leaves the door open for managing Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


88 MPH

Today the rise of the term Modern Management continues to gain momentum and as a by-product returns us to MDM, this time with the M representing Modern rather than Mobile.

Long live MDM.  Modern Device Management.  Will we see Gartner rename again in 2020 and it will be back to the future?