As we turn the calendar to a new year, Modern Endpoint Management (MEM) has become a more crucial IT strategy than ever. For businesses aiming to achieve flexibility, security, and efficiency, Modern Endpoint Management provides the solution in 2024. The approach leverages cloud intelligence, zero-trust architecture, and passwordless authentication to enable individuals to work seamlessly from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

But, how can you position your business to embrace Modern Endpoint Management? Although it requires a fair deal of work, a complete MEM strategy can be achieved by following the Six Pillars of Modern Endpoint Management. Delve into what is defined as the Six Pillars of MEM by downloading the infographic above.

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Download our guide to the 6 Pillars of Modern Endpoint Management

Learn how to practically disrupt legacy IT operations with six transformations. We’ll address:  

  1. Do we manually provision every Windows device?
  2. Are we still dealing with passwords for devices and apps?
  3. Do we spend so much time keeping devices updated?
  4. Do we still run on-premise servers and data centers?
  5. Do we still need a VPN to access company resources?
  6. Are we still providing local, on-site, IT support services?