“Going live with a new site – Why?”


We launched a new website last week, and our team worked hard to get this done to a high quality in a very short timeframe.  Sounds like any other IT project.  With around 200 million active websites (and 1.5 billion registered sites!) globally we’re definitely only one in a 200 million!  So why do it?  The last site was less than 3 years old! 

In IT, 3 years is a lifetime.  We have been developing new products and services designed around Microsoft 365 and adding Windows 10 and macOS to our range of devices for some months.  Having achieved Gold certification from Microsoft in March, April was our time to bring these new services to market and our website is the place to do this.



Getting Focused

The problem we faced is that it’s difficult to articulate the value we deliver around empowering organisations to do more with their Microsoft 365 licencing across all their devices.  Add that to the other parts of our business that build apps, manage mobile hardware, run expense management analytics on mobile costs, manage mobile threat management software, etc., and you end up with a very cluttered site.

We had two simple objectives:  ‘clean out’ our website and focus it on being a more crisp ‘digital front door’ AND be transparent about our pricing. 

The first bits of feedback I have had are very positive – site is clean, professional and focused.  I’m also concerned we stripped too much away, and we need to add detail back in.  We can’t win everything, but less is definitely more and much better than the ‘kitchen sink’ approach which happens over 3 years of business development and new products and services.


Transparent Pricing

A big shift in our thinking has been that we want to be upfront about the price of professional services and our managed services.  This enables our solution specialists to focus on the outcome for our customers, rather than have an awkward conversation around money.  If you know how much something is going to cost, you’ll be in a better mindset to engage and ask better questions too!

I hope we’ve achieved both these objectives…only time and feedback will tell.  I am very grateful to a small dedicated team at Mobile Mentor, and some external partners, who made this happen in less than 20 days!  Do let me know your thoughts when you next visit our website.