How to Deregister iMessage

If you have previously set up an old iPhone, you may have missed a few messages from others who also use iMessages. There are a couple reasons you may want to deregister from this service: 1. You no longer use an Apple device 2. There are no more "blue texts" in the Messages

January 8th, 2024|Insights, iOS|

How to make sure your MDM Migration is successful

  "The modern workplace is an evolving concept and in today’s world it means allowing employees to work anywhere, anytime, anyhow."   Migrating to a new MDM solution can be a daunting task.   In many cases, the existing MDM solution is not supported or well documented. What’s worse, the people who built the existing system may no longer be available.  In spite of these challenges, there [...]

Is it Time to Abandon Intel?

    ARM predictions for 2021 and beyond “With Microsoft and Windows 10 on ARM clearly on the path and Apple set to join the party we are in for some interesting transition years ahead as mobile continues to eat the computing landscape.” Later this week Apple are rumoured to be announcing their first [...]

November 8th, 2020|Insights, iOS, Microsoft|

Enable Apple Custom Enrolment Screens for an Improved Employee Experience

    “Custom enrolment screens allow companies to add a personal touch to enrolment and to distribute information to users in a digital, streamlined manner” Apple released the ability to add your own company branding and Terms and Conditions to the iPhone and iPad enrolment process with iOS 13. This functionality is now available in the VMware Workspace ONE UEM and MobileIron management consoles.  This [...]

October 21st, 2020|Insights, iOS|

Tips and Tricks for Outlook on iOS

    “We want everyone to be able to achieve more with less. The tips and tricks here are small but powerful steps to make Outlook for iOS work better for you.” Here’s a few productivity features in Outlook for iOS we think you’ll find useful. We use Outlook on iOS as well as Android. [...]

September 18th, 2020|Insights, iOS|

Things You Need to Know About iOS 14

  “The iOS 14 release from Apple brings some changes to the enterprise around privacy and security” iOS 14 has hit beta release 6 and is nearing production. There are some nice customer-facing changes and usability improvements included. There are also some other feature changes ‘under the hood’ that may impact you as a [...]

September 3rd, 2020|Insights, iOS|

Mobile Application Management (MAM) for Personal Smartphones

    “Companies everywhere are waking up to the reality that unmanaged data on personal smartphones is a huge security risk”   Ignoring mobile device security may come at your peril. Companies everywhere are waking up to the reality that unmanaged data on personal smartphones is a huge security risk. The Verizon Mobile Security [...]

May 13th, 2020|Android, Insights, iOS|

iOS User Enrollment for BYO Devices

    “User enrollment creates a separate APFS (Apple File System) partition with a different set of encryption keys which is used to house corporate data.”   Device enrollment has always been a challenge for BYO devices Employers struggle to convince employees that they should give control of their personal devices to the IT [...]

February 17th, 2020|BYOD, iOS|
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