Intune and Configuration Manager (MECM) (SCCM) | Finding the Right Tools for Unified Endpoint Management

  Over the years, Microsoft has released several iterations of technology aimed at streamlining the security and management of enterprise endpoints. Distinguishing the pros and cons of each tool can be a challenge. In recent years, endpoint management has changed a lot. There are now tools made to handle the new situations that come [...]

The Four Components of the Microsoft Defender Umbrella

  Microsoft Defender as a security soluition has evolved significantly in recent years, not only as a product, but also as an ideology for keeping your environment secure. You probably remember past iterations of Defender that were met with mixed reviews. Products like Defender ATA, Defender ATP, and Defender AIP were used independently in [...]

April 19th, 2022|BYOD, Defender, Insights|

Configuring Home Screen Layouts on iOS using Intune

There are quite a few instances where deploying custom Home Screen layouts on iOS devices are advantageous to companies. One example that stands out to me stems from recent work that our team performed with a Healthcare facility. The clinic maintains multiple shared iPads - each devoted to a specific use case. In this [...]

April 7th, 2022|BYOD, Insights|

The State of the Endpoint Ecosystem in Government

Like everyone, Government workers endured a rapid digital transformation in recent years. This has shifted the way many agencies operate and as a result, the needs and priorities of front-line employees have evolved over the past two years as well. The Endpoint Ecosystem study offers Government leaders a lens into the way workers actually [...]

March 31st, 2022|BYOD, Insights|

Examining the Endpoint Ecosystem for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare workers are among the most impacted employees of the pandemic. Overcrowded hospitals, increased hours, burnout, and staff shortages have menaced the industry over the past two years. The pandemic brought a rapid digital transformation in the industry and the shift impacted the way Healthcare workers operate. The Endpoint Ecosystem study offers healthcare leaders [...]

March 23rd, 2022|BYOD, Insights|

How to View and Configure the OneDrive Sync Health Dashboard

  For small businesses to large enterprises, the Health Dashboard is the single place to gather information and take action on sync app adoption and health. The Health Dashboard is a great feature for admins looking for a high-level view of how OneDrive is working for their team.    From the Sync health dashboard, admins [...]

March 21st, 2022|BYOD, Insights|

Interpreting the Endpoint Ecosystem Study for the Finance Industry

The pandemic forced digital transformation onto the world in 2020. Business continuity emergency plans were implemented – some fared better than others. The Endpoint Ecosystem study takes a critical look at regulated industries that jumped ahead of the curve in terms of security and employee experience and why others fell behind. In this article, we examine how the Finance Industry stacks up.

March 8th, 2022|BYOD, Insights|

How to configure Chrome settings with Microsoft Intune

Have you ever needed to configure your entire group’s chrome settings for security purposes or to meet company preferences? It’s not uncommon for companies to do so to keep their team aligned. Many groups may want to add or block particular extensions in Chrome for productivity reasons.

February 28th, 2022|BYOD, Insights|
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