“With these instructions you’ll be able to successfully enrol both iOS and Android device into Intune without multifactor authentication.”

iOS Automated Device enrollment (Apple DEP) with single app mode and Android Enterprise Zero Touch enrollment (Samsung KME and Google Zero Touch) locks the devices into the Intune enrollment process. Users will not be able to access the phone until the device is fully enrolled.

With this scenario, users will not be able to complete the MFA challenge on the same device because the device cannot receive calls or text messages during the enrollment process.

One workaround is to bypass MFA during Microsoft Intune Enrollment.

Configure Microsoft Intune to Bypass MFA during device enrolment for iOS and Android Devices

There are two settings that need to be checked to prevent the MFA prompt during enrollment.

1. Azure Active Directory > Security > Conditional Access > Policies

Conditional Access exclusion for Microsoft Intune Enrollment.

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Microsoft Intune


Microsoft Intune Enrollment


2. Azure Active Directory > Devices > Device Settings

Confirm or disable “Require Multi-Factor Auth on join devices”.


Note: This should be disabled by default on a new tenant.

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For now, Require Multi-Factor Auth on join devices is a global option and will impact all devices, eventually this will be migrated into Conditional Access where you will have more control.


With these instructions, you’ll be able to successfully enroll both iOS and Android devices into Intune without multifactor authentication. This is necessary for iOS single-app and Android Enterprise Zero Touch enrolment use cases.

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