For small businesses to large enterprises, the Health Dashboard is the single place to gather information and take action on sync app adoption and health. The Health Dashboard is a great feature for admins looking for a high-level view of how OneDrive is working for their team.   

From the Sync health dashboard, admins have the ability to check the sync status and sync app version of individual devices, monitor Known Folder Move roll out, and track sync errors. The insights range from a high-level executive summary to a drill-down of sync status per device, to be used in various administrative scenarios. Here’s how you can set up the dashboard and begin leveraging its benefits.  


1.1 Set up OneDrive sync health dashboard 

  1. Log into your portal as either the global admin or Office apps admin.

  2. In the left pain under Health, select the downward facing arrow (1) and then select OneDrive Sync (tab has a “PREVIEW” tag on it) (2).

  3. Select “Enable preview features” to accept the license terms.


4. Once the dashboard appears, select “Settings” in the left pane.

5. Copy the Tenant Association Key. If it is empty, select “Generate new key. Copy the key which will be used in the next steps. Note: This screen may take a while to load before becoming visible.


1.2 Enable the OneDrive Sync Admin Reports setting in Endpoint Manager

6. Log into Endpoint Manager, select “Devices” from the left pane (1). Then select “Windows” under “By platform from the left pane (2). 

7. From the left pane, select “Configuration profiles” (1), and then “+ Create profile” (2).

8. Select “Windows 10 and later” from the “Platform” drop down, and “Settings catalog (preview)” from the “Profile type” drop down.


9. Enter a name and description and select “Next”. Within the “Configuration settings” tab select “+Add settings”.


10. Search for “Sync Admin Reports” (1). Select “OneDrive” under “Browse by category” (2), and then “Sync Admin Reports” under “Setting name” (3).


11. Set “Sync Admin Reports” to “Enabled” (1) and then enter the “Tenant Association Key: (Device)” (2).

12. Finish creating the configuration by adding scope tags/assignments (groups, users, all devices).

13. Once the devices receive the configuration and begin reporting in, you will see the following in the OneDrive Health dashboard (Note: Reporting can take up to three days before available).

14. The “Details” tab provides detailed info for each user and device to help you understand and troubleshoot sync errors.


Tom Bernardini 

Tom is our Modern Work & Security Engineer in the US, based out of South Florida. Having worked most of his 15 years in the IT industry in the medical sector, he was first introduced to the MDM/MAM while working at BlackBerry. Along with his experience working for an MSP (Managed Services Provider), Tom has a strong focus on clients’ business needs, both large and small.



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