Employee with endpoint ecosystem

New study reveals critical insights into the evolving needs and challenges of hybrid workers, emphasizing the need for businesses to adapt their security, onboarding, and support structures to enhance productivity and employee well-being.

In a pivotal moment for the future of work, Mobile Mentor has completed its comprehensive 2024 Endpoint Ecosystem Study, exploring the intricate dynamics of hybrid work in high-risk and highly regulated industries. Conducted across the United StatesGreat Britain, and Australia, the study involved 2,400 knowledge workers in healthcare, finance, government, and education to understand employee attitudes and their actions related to company security and their experience, and their productivity as remote workers.

The study finds that hybrid work has not changed in 2 years and hybrid is now the most popular model, especially in the USA. However, employee attitudes and priorities have changed enormously. The data exposed in the study underscores the pressing need for businesses to reassess their approach to security and employee well-being.

Key findings highlight surprising data, one being that most employees feel more productive in an office, rather than looking from home. Others highlight a stark reality: 52% of American employees have sought workarounds to restrictive security policies, signaling a significant disconnect between current security measures and the necessity for seamless productivity.

Moreover, the study paints a concerning picture of technical support, with 30% of workers experiencing delays of at least a day for meaningful assistance. This delay not only hampers efficiency but also affects employee morale, pointing towards an urgent need for improved support systems.

In an era where personal device usage for work is prevalent, with 60% of respondents using personal laptops, the study reveals a glaring gap in security preparedness. Alarmingly, only 40% of those using personal devices for work have the necessary security protocols in place, exposing businesses to potential vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the study uncovers a profound shift in worker priorities, with a staggering 70% of respondents valuing personal privacy over company security. This paradigm shift necessitates a reevaluation of security strategies to align more closely with employee expectations and the realities of hybrid work.

Addressing the endpoint ecosystem, Denis O’Shea, Founder and CEO of Mobile Mentor, emphasizes the critical balance between security and employee experience. “To thrive in the new era of work, businesses must pivot towards an ecosystem that supports peak productivity, without compromising on security or employee well-being,” O’Shea states.

The 2024 Endpoint Ecosystem Study serves as a wake-up call for businesses navigating the complexities of hybrid work. Employers are encouraged to consider the insights and recommendations outlined in the study to cultivate a more secure, productive, and fulfilling work environment.

For businesses looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving workplace, the full insights and analysis from the 2024 Endpoint Ecosystem Study are indispensable. To delve deeper into the findings and explore strategies for modern endpoint management, visit Mobile-Mentor.com and download the complete study today.