I bet your employees’ experience with their devices, applications, and tools has changed drastically since the start of the pandemic. 

Just when workers became more reliant on their devices to work remotely, there was a global chip shortage that has forced many companies to formally embrace the use of employees’ personal devices. In parallel, cyber security attacks increased by 500% while we were all hiring and onboarding people we had never met.  

Navigating the trade-off between endpoint security and employee experience has always been challenging but it has become critical in this post-pandemic world. We can point to the Endpoint Ecosystem (the combination of the devices, apps, sign-in process, and support experience) as a barometer of the modern workforce. When a company’s Endpoint Ecosystem works well, employees are secure, productive and happy.  

Now with the Great Resignation underway, and the battle for talent intensifying, there has never been a more important time to get the Endpoint Ecosystem right. 

We wanted to understand how employees view all of this, especially those who are remote employees, and what is actually going on in their home office? We conducted a nationwide study to find out. 

This inaugural study of The Endpoint Ecosystem aims to answer that question, and many more. The data explores how employees perceive privacy, security, productivity, and personal well-being in the modern workplace. We, at Mobile Mentor, commissioned the study with the intention of educating and informing employers how to prevent security breaches, and then how to attract and retain motivated employees. 

The Endpoint Ecosystem study reveals important insights to understand how the landscape of modern work has changed since the start of the pandemic. It unveils thought-provoking stats that employers can use to identify and improve endpoint security and employee experience. For instance, did you know that 41% of employees admit to finding ways around security policies, and 53% are more efficient using apps like Dropbox and Gmail? Also, were you aware that Gen Z has completely flipped the conversation from security to privacy? 

Many of the findings can be interpreted into actionable insights for companies of all sizes. We’re sharing the report freely to educate and inform – in hopes the data revealed will improve security and employee experience. We invite you to download the full report and we hope you find actionable insights in the data. 


The Endpoint Ecosystem 2022 National Study

Discover how the usage of employee devices, applications, and tools are affecting employee experience and cyber security in the Healthcare Industry.