“The Modern Work Assessment is a free, one-hour assessment that can be completed remotely by Mobile Mentor.”


In 2021 I expect that many companies, large and small, will look to turn their emergency remote work solutions into sustainable and maintainable ones. Remote work is the norm. Employees will expect to work from anywhere and on any device. Laptops and smartphones need to be secured and employees need to be empowered. The crisis has mostly passed – it’s time to evolve IT to meet the needs of modern work. 

However, sometimes gaining inertia can be a problem. Business leaders are budget conscious, distracted, and spread thin. Getting an outside opinion can help validate your opinion but spending tens of thousands of dollars may be out of the question. 

Mobile Mentor has developed the Modern Work Assessment to help IT leaders to 

  1. Get an objective assessment of endpoint security & employee experience.

  2. Gain understanding of areas of strength & weakness relative to best practice.

  3. Obtain a clear set of priorities to share with business stakeholders.

Modern Work Assessment from Mobile Mentor

The Modern Work Assessment is a streamlined version of our full consulting package, the 365 Accelerator. Not everyone wants or needs an in-depth consulting exercise to determine their way forward. Some just want a gut check. 

The Modern Work Assessment is right for you if… 

  1. Security is getting in the way of productivity for remote employees. 

  2. You believe people will be working remotely for an extended period. 

  3. You need a clear set of security and technology priorities from a trusted third party.

  4. You don’t want to spend tens of thousands on an in-depth consulting exercise.

Our Assessment is Based on Finding Balance

Mobile Mentor believes in balancing Endpoint Security with Employee Experience. Too much security and you’ll annoy and impede your employees. Too little security puts your company at risk.  

Learn more about our philosophy from Denis O’Shea, founder of Mobile Mentor.



Reveal Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Each dimension is split into five categories and each category is scored on a 5-point scale. 

By the end of the assessment, you’ll know your current state relative to industry best practice. You’ll also be able to define a realistic future state. The resulting report will help you prioritize your effort and clarify your message to business stakeholders. 


Define Your Target

Define your future state using the balance framework to articulate the journey ahead and the key priorities. Our proprietary model lets you show business leaders the company’s current maturity level and desired maturity level within a familiar four-quadrant graph.



Outline Your Priorities

Visualize your gaps clearly to determine the next steps to achieve the greatest impact with limited resources. Use the report to outline your vision and priorities for both technical and non-technical stakeholders. 

Show how you can simultaneously improve endpoint security and provide a better employee experience. 



Get Started Today

The Modern Work Assessment is a one-hour assessment that can be completed remotely by Mobile Mentor. Gather several IT leaders and sit with our team to complete the assessment. We’ll deliver your report shortly after and answer any questions you may have. Use the report to state your case for improving endpoint security and empowering employees. 

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft Gold Partner and is certified by Microsoft, Apple, and Google.