Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Principal Enterprise Platform Architect, Kevin King, discusses’ VUMC’s journey in adopting Microsoft Intune with Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea. In this interview, Kevin reflects on what it took for VUMC to get the most out of their Microsoft 365 licenses while delivering a secure and user-friendly experience for end-users.

Show Notes:

04:53 Kevin answers Denis’ questions pertaining to the size, complexity and diversity of VUMC .

05:41 Kevin addresses the number of users, devices, location and how VUMC categorizes their endpoints.

10:51 Denis and Kevin discuss VUMC’s BYOD program along with their adjacent application protection policies.

11:34 Denis and Kevin discuss identity and VUMC’s usage of EPIC in the EMR space and Imprivata for SSO.

12:31 Kevin explains VUMC’s evolution from using a custom EMR and Badge Tapping solutions to leveraging Epic’s off-the-shelf programs.

13:27 Denis asks Kevin about VUMC’s legacy Endpoint Management program.

14:39 Kevin explains why their custom legacy Endpoint Management was challenging to maintain.

15:57 Kevin answers Denis’ question pertaining to VUMC’s journey to embracing Intune.

17:34 Kevin discusses where his group got started with Intune and manageability expectations.

18:13 Kevin talks about Challenges hybrid solutions when using Autopilot

19:01 Kevin tells Denis about the very first device that VUMC pre-provisioned

19:37 Kevin explains the decision to delay addressing their clinical work stations

21:09 Kevin talks about the challenges of adapting the old way of thinking into the modern world in regard to embracing Azure AD and Intune.

22:25 Kevin talks about the value in having the ability to dropship a fully configured device and the competitive advantage of exclusively using Intune rather than a hybrid environment.

22:51 Denis asks if Kevin has tried doing the tenant attach configuration between a tenant attached config between an Imprivata machine that is on SCCM across to Intune

23:58 Denis asks Kevin if there is a future where providers are using biometrics.

25:49Denis asks Kevin to speak about VUMC’s journey from Airwatch to Intune in terms of their mobile endpoints.

27:31 Kevin speaks about the challenges met when enrolling employees in their Mobile Device Management program with BYO devices.

29:08 Kevin compares the investment of Airwatch vs. Intune.

34:01 Kevin speaks about what he believes to be Intune’s two competitive advantages.

36:15 Denis and Kevin discuss auto-pilot and the ability to order configured devices.

37:04 Kevin talks about currently procurement processes and VUMC’s trajectory for procurement in the future.

37:28 Kevin gives his advice to those looking to adopt Intune by speaking with device partners early on.

38:28 Denis asks about OS updates for the devices VUMC has enrolled in Intune.

40:27 Kevin discusses the management application updates.

41:40 Denis asks Kevin what is missing from the functionality and capabilities of the Intune solution.

45:22 Denis asks Kevin what word of wisdom he’d share with fellow academic medical centers embarking on a modern endpoint management journey.



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