Smart Tutor


Smart Tutor is a tool provided by Samsung by which Smartphones can be remotely handled by the Technical Expert and is a default app on all new Samsung devices. Samsung Technical Experts can look up or control Smartphone’s screen sitting at a remote location and can troubleshoot device’s issues.


smart tutor 


Samsung Remote Support Service offers one-on-one support with a Samsung Technician who can remotely: 

    ● Diagnose your Smartphone 
    ● Customize the Smartphone setting for you (Picture, Sound, etc)

    ● Backup & Restore your customized setting 
    ● Reset your Smartphone to the factory default 
    ● Install the latest firmware


Supported Mobile Operating Systems: 

    ● Froyo 
    ● Gingerbread 
    ● Honeycomb 
    ● Icecream Sandwich 
    ● Jelly Bean 
    ● Kitkat

    ● Smart Tutor works with Android OS (Above Android 2.2) 
    ● Google Experience Device is not supported such as Galaxy Nexus
    ● There should be proper Internet Connection in your device