Employees and employers feel the same when it comes to onboarding. Employers want their new employees to be productive immediately, and new employees want to make an impact right away. Unfortunately, legacy IT models often keep employees (especially those who work remotely) waiting days before they are equipped with the necessary technology to be productive.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the challenge of antiquated onboarding practices. Zero Touch provisioning allows employees to get started on their devices in minutes, not days. It eliminates the time-intensive manual imaging process an IT team would traditionally undergo to onboard a new employee.  This required an image and deployment package to prepare devices and would take a skilled IT professional roughly two hours to complete. Then the device would need to be reboxed and shipped to a new employee, which could take days.

As depicted in the video above, Zero Touch Provisioning allows for a device to be ordered and shipped directly to an employee. They can then sign in with their Active Directory credentials and the device will auto-configure, a process that takes only minutes. This puts the new employee in a position to start working productively on day one, rather than waiting for days to receive their imaged device.

As a component of Modern Managed Services, Zero Touch Provisioning gets devices into the hands of employees faster while simultaneously freeing IT teams from the daunting and time-consuming process of manual imaging. The frictionless process provides a win-win situation for employers and employees alike, allowing newly hired workers to immediately impact their teams.

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