To support their accelerated growth along with an increasingly expanding and hybrid workforce, a California-based digital marketing agency was looking to ensure that the company was providing a secure and excellent experience for remote, hybrid, and on-prem workers alike.  The agency’s rapid growth required a sustainable IT program with frictionless support to accompany the needs of their developing business.

Embracing a Modern Approach to IT

The agency engaged the Mobile Mentor team to find a solution for their IT needs. After a complete audit of their environment, Mobile Mentor launched their Modern Managed Services program for the business.

The Modern Managed Services program guaranteed that the agency’s employees would receive the support they needed for productivity around the clock, and administrators would have access to the most current device and app management technology and security protocols.

Around the Clock Support

The digital marketing agency is an international company and requires 24/7 support to keep its team productive and secure. With the modern support services provided by Mobile Mentor, employees at the agency are now able to reach out via chat, portal, email, or call at any hour for resolutions to technical challenges.

By leveraging Mobile Mentor’s Modern Managed Services, the agency is able to provide the around-the-clock support that the agency’s worldwide team needs to function efficiently.

An Onboarding Experience to Meet Growth Demands

To keep pace with the agency’s growth, the Mobile Mentor team stood up Zero Touch Provisioning capabilities. This eliminated the need for the agency to manually provision devices when a new employee began working. Instead, employees would receive fully imaged and work-ready devices directly from the manufacturer as opposed to waiting for an IT employee to manually configure and ship the device. The time-saving measure allowed the agency to streamline its onboarding process and prepare new employees for productivity on day one.

A Progressive Process for Securing and Updating Devices

The Mobile Mentor Modern Managed Services Platform has built-in over-the-air updates.  This feature allows the digital marketing agency’s team to keep all of their devices and apps secure and up-to-date from anywhere. Removing the old antiquated method of having to connect to a slow VPN or going to a physical office for the device to get the latest updates and security patches.  With over-the-air updates, their devices stay continuously updated and secure.

Secure and Reliable Management of Resources

The Mobile Mentor team implemented Microsoft Defender and a Zero Trust architecture for the agency, allowing the group access to the most advanced security protocols on the market. The team can now work confidently knowing that their data and resources are secure. Additionally, with the help of the Mobile Mentors Modern Managed Services, they are backed up with a disaster recovery management plan ready to be deployed in the event a breach inside their environment ever were to occur.

A Guide for Continuous Strategy and Planning

The digital marketing agency team now has a partner with Mobile Mentor for continuous planning and strategy when it comes to their IT infrastructure and security guidelines. The two teams meet quarterly to examine the agency’s security posture and make recommendations for future deployments.

Embracing the Benefits of Modern Endpoint Management and Managed Services

In result of their partnership with Mobile Mentor, the digital marketing agency is able to effectively scale the security and productivity of their endpoints and technical support to their ever-growing international workforce. The ongoing Modern Managed Services provided by Mobile Mentor ensure that the agency’s team will have reliable and expert maintenance in addition to guidance for their technology posture. To date, the agency has given the Mobile Mentor support team a 9.63 average out of 10 regarding resolution satisfaction on service requests.

By partnering with the Mobile Mentor team of security and support experts, the agency’s technology leaders are free to innovate and contribute to the growth of their international business without the concern of the day-to-day management and security of their environment.