A Geek Leader Podcast host, John Rouda, and Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea, sit down and discuss cyber security in 2022 and beyond.

In the conversation, John and Denis address a multitude of topics surrounding modern work and modern security practices. The two deep dive into Zero Trust, hybrid work, endpoint management, digital identity, and more.


Key topics include:

  • The shift to hybrid work and the strategies and attitudes that accompany the change

  • The global chip shortage and the repercussions to businesses

  • The end of the VPN and password era

  • Cloud infrastructure and passwordless authentication

  • Defining Zero Trust Architecture

  • Adopting Zero Trust while sunsetting the legacy “Castle and Moat” security strategy

  • Securing identity with MFA, SSO, and Biometrics

  • Configuring access controls in the Microsoft 365 environment

  • Achieving the right balance between security and employee experience

  • Qualifications and must-haves for cyber insurance

  • Gen Z’s impact on corporate security

  • The 2022 Endpoint Ecosystem study results

  • The vulnerabilities caused by Shadow IT



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