Most modern businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to maintain productivity and ensure a seamless user experience. In the era remote work and the increasing complexity of endpoint devices, IT administrators face mounting challenges in monitoring and improving device performance.

According to the 2024 Endpoint Ecosystem study, majority of workers believe other companies are doing a better job with modern tools and technology- and endpoint technology is certainly not discounted.  Recognizing these challenges, Microsoft has introduced Advanced Analytics, an enhanced feature set within the Intune Suite aimed at providing deeper insights and proactive management capabilities for IT teams.

Building on Endpoint Analytics

Advanced Analytics is built on top of the existing Endpoint Analytics experience in Intune, offering a suite of advanced tools and functionalities to address the evolving needs of modern businesses.

However, it’s important to note that this feature is currently exclusively available for Intune-managed devices, including co-managed ones. Additionally, access to Advanced Analytics requires an Intune add-on license, either as a standalone option or as part of the comprehensive Microsoft Intune Suite.

Detecting and Reporting Anomalies

One of the most useful features of Advanced Analytics is its robust anomaly detection capabilities. By leveraging real-time event monitoring and signal flags, admins can swiftly identify and report anomalies in device health, maintenance, and user experience. These anomalies are categorized into high, medium, and low severity levels, allowing administrators to prioritize their response efforts effectively.

Moreover, the introduction of device correlation groups enables administrators to explore potential root causes for medium and high severity anomalies. By distinguishing shared attributes such as app versions, driver updates, OS versions, and device models, IT teams can pinpoint the underlying issues and implement targeted remediation strategies.

Enhancing Battery Performance Management

Battery health is always an important aspect of device performance, especially in the context of user productivity and experience. Advanced Analytics provides clear visibility into battery performance issues across a business, allowing admin to identify emerging issues and proactively address them before they escalate. By leveraging scores to identify devices with failing batteries, IT teams can mitigate potential disruptions and optimize user satisfaction.

Custom Device Scopes and Query Capabilities

Another standout feature of Advanced Analytics is its support for custom device scopes and on-demand device queries. IT administrators can slice Endpoint Analytics reports to a subset of devices using custom device scopes, thereby tailoring insights to specific organizational requirements.

Additionally, the ability to run real-time device queries empowers administrators to gather on-demand information about the state and configuration of individual devices, facilitating swift troubleshooting and remediation actions.

Deployment and Activation

Deploying Advanced Analytics within your business is a fairly straightforward process. After activating or deploying trial licenses, administrators can onboard devices into Endpoint Analytics, ensuring comprehensive data collection and analysis.

While it may take some time for analytics data to populate initially, administrators can leverage Advanced Analytics to monitor device health, review device timelines, create custom device scopes, assess battery performance, and conduct device queries for troubleshooting purposes.


In conclusion, Advanced Endpoint Analytics in the Intune Suite represents a significant advancement in device management and optimization for modern businesses. By harnessing the power of real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, and proactive management, IT teams can enhance user productivity, reduce disruptions, and drive operational efficiency across the organization.

With the intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set, Advanced Analytics is poised to become an important tool for IT admins seeking to stay ahead.

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