Modern Work and Security Engineer, Tom Bernardini, explains how to use the new MS App Store Integration.

The New Microsoft App Store Intune integration provides a more streamlined and efficient app management experience, with enhanced security and better user experience. The integration delivers several benefits to Intune administrators including:


Streamlined app management

 With the integration, administrators can use Intune to manage the entire lifecycle of apps from the Microsoft App Store, including app assignment, deployment, configuration, and updates. This streamlines app management and eliminates the need for separate tools or manual processes.


Granular app deployment

Intune offers granular controls for app deployment, allowing administrators to target specific user groups, devices, and operating systems. This ensures that the right apps are deployed to the right users at the right time, without the need for manual intervention.


Improved security

The integration with Intune also enhances app security, as Intune policies can be applied to apps to enforce data protection, device compliance, and other security measures. This ensures that apps are secure and compliant with organizational policies.


Better user experience

 The new App Store Intune integration provides a user-friendly interface and an improved search experience, making it easier for users to find and install the apps they need. This helps to improve productivity and user satisfaction.


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