How to Balance Cyber Security with Employee Experience with Denis O’Shea

Host Jana Axline and Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea, discuss tactics for successfully balancing corporate security with employee experience.

The two examine the change in the way employees work as a result of the pandemic and remote work. They also deep dive into the recent power shift between employer and employee.

Listeners will also learn about the modern causes of cyber breaches in businesses, common reckless password behavior, and the rise of shadow IT in the workplace.

Some critical topics from the episode include:

  • The increase in cybercrime impacting highly regulated businesses in the healthcare, government education, and financial sectors

  • The impact the recent global chip shortage has had on businesses

  • Onboarding and hiring remotely

  • The solution to vulnerabilities caused by poor password hygiene

  • Conditional access policy best practices

  • Combating and eliminating “Shadow IT”

  • The new role of Gen Z in the workplace, and predicting the future through their behavior

  • Reframing “company security” to “privacy”

  • Embracing biometrics and moving away from passwords

  • Combating security breaches through least privileged access and dynamic groups


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