Host David Clarke, and Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea discuss the data from the groundbreaking Endpoint Ecosystems study in this episode of the Data Protection and Privacy Podcast.

Denis and David chat about the current state of modern work as it relates to security and employee experience. The two deliberate on what is actually happening in remote offices, where employees are storing passwords, how they access company data, and how they interpret security and privacy policies.

Some key points that David and Denis also discuss:

  • The adoption of BYO devices with a focus on BYO laptops

  • Onboarding new employees remotely

  • The effect of the great resignation

  • The immaturity of security awareness training in many organizations

  • The juxtaposition of employee feelings on personal privacy vs. company security

  • The state of modern password hygiene

  • The changing attitudes of workers since the start of the pandemic

  • Gen Z’s new role in the workforce and their impact on workplace culture


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