Patch Tuesday is often reflected on by many IT professionals with a mix of nostalgia and regret. For most IT departments Patch Tuesday is labor intensive, involves complicated scheduling, and introduces a chaotic weekly scramble.  

In a modern cloud environment, patch deployment has changed for the better. Patch Tuesday is now largely a concept of the past. IT teams are now able to push patches and upgrades over the air with ease – rectifying security vulnerabilities in real-time. This patching process has drastically reduced the duration of time between discovering a security vulnerability and patching it. 

In this video, Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea, talks Modern App Patching with Modern Work and Security Engineer, Tom Bernadini. The two discuss the advantages of Modern App Patching and the technologies and processes necessary to successfully leverage the new method. 


What is app patching in the modern world? 

What categories of applications does modern app patching apply to? 

What problems are we addressing with modern app patching? 

Why is this such an acute issue now? 

How much can you reduce the time between the discovery of a vulnerability to remediation? 

Can you give us an example of an organization that is doing this well? 

Why isn’t every organization leveraging the advantages of modern app patching? 

What are the costs involved for the companies who want to embrace modern app patching? 

Would you consider modern app patching to be a nice-to-have or must-have capability? 

Where does modern app patching fit into the framework of modern endpoint management? 



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