Gen Z, a Flat Business World, and Tons of Opportunity

As modern work continues to evolve, we’re beginning to witness the formation of a flat business world from a labor perspective. Geography is becoming less important, and businesses are quickly finding that hiring globally can significantly increase productivity.

In part two of the Looking Forward Podcast series, Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea, and Host, Jeff Ostroff, continue their conversation about employee experience and security tactics in modern work.

Denis and Jeff discuss topics such as Gen Z’s new role in the workplace, a passwordless future and the growing expanding opportunities for the global workforce.


Some key topics from the episode include:

  • The ever-increasing number of global remote workers and their impact on business

  • A passwordless future with biometrics, single-sign-on (SSO), and multifactor authentication

  • Gen Z’s attitudes on personal privacy and company security

  • Strengthening businesses for the future by examining Gen Z

  • The improvement of collaboration tools

  • The necessary skill sets to leverage digital opportunities

  • Tips to strengthening security and avoid breach


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