Mobile Founder, Denis O’Shea, discusses where security and employee experience intersect with the #WorkTrends podcast host, Meghan Biro. The two deep dive into the modern state of cyber security, discuss best and worst-case scenarios for company data hygiene, and examine the benefits of Modern Endpoint Management. Denis also explains how companies can create a work culture with high morale while simultaneously ensuring the security of data and systems.


In the interview, Denis and Meghan also discuss:

  • Aspiring to create a great employee experience with strong security measures

  • Real-life cases where companies have compromised security to improve the employee experiences – and how to avoid making these mistakes

  • Past security challenges with personal devices and modern solutions

  • The modern shift of companies being geographically grounded in one area to being massively dispersed, and the security and experience challenges that accompany this shift

  • The risks of launching an under-planned BYOD program

  • The rise of cyberattacks on unmanaged devices

  • Methods of empowering employees to work safely on any device at any time

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