Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea, answers five questions in nine minutes pertaining to modern cyber security strategies on the Cyber Pro Podcast.

In the episode, Denis talks about finding the right balance between employee experience and security in the post-pandemic hybrid workforce. He expounds by discussing the data found in the 2022 Endpoint Ecosystem study (recent research on how employees are actually using devices in highly regulated industries) and explains how we can use the study’s data to improve our workplaces and predict the future of productivity.

Key topics in the conversation include:

  • How businesses can improve their security posture in 2022 and beyond

  • User experience with new security policies

  • Zero Trust Architecture and passwordless authentication as a manifestation of better user experience and stronger security

  • How remote workers’ behavior with security protocols differs from office space workers

  • Positioning company security and personal privacy as two sides on the same coin

  • Reducing friction in the modern work environment for Gen Z and hybrid workers (Zero Trust Architecture, Passwordless Authentication, Cloud infrastructure)


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