Mobile Mentor Founder and CEO, Denis O’Shea, sits down with the Nurture Small Business Podcast host, Denise Cagan, to discuss Gen Z’s impact as the generation enters the workforce. The two chat about incorporating the ideals and values of Gen Z into company technology.

During the conversation, Denis and Denise review the results of the 2022 Endpoint Ecosystem study pertaining to Gen Z’s preference for personal privacy over company security.  They also shed light on what companies should be thinking about when integrating new technology and building a security roadmap.


Key topics include:

  • The coinciding rise of ransomware and remote work

  • The new security perimeter

  • The importance of staying up to date with software and security patches

  • The risks associated with passwords and the advantage of going passwordless

  • Balancing security and employee experience with remote and hybrid workers

  • Gen Z’s hyper-focus on personal privacy

  • Remote onboarding and Gen Z

  • Reframing company security and personal privacy as two sides of the same coin

  • Embracing Gen Z in the modern workforce and positioning the group for success



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