Speech and language therapist Bridget Oliver used to lug around books, flash cards, forms and photocopied bits of paper as she visited patients around the city each day.  This was a tedious process for each of the 109 people in her group who provide 9 different forms of therapy to outpatients in the community.  It also limited the number of patients each therapist could visit as they needed to return to the office to update their patient records in a system that was only accessible on a desktop computer.


Allied Health conducted a pilot using iPads with keyboards to assess the impact and found that each therapist saved 29 minutes per day.  With funding from a charity called the Well Foundation, Allied Health then engaged Mobile Mentor to procure, configure and secure 109 iPads for the therapists and deploy them with mentoring sessions for small groups of therapists.

The devices were secured using AirWatch which is operated by Mobile Mentor as a private cloud service in New Zealand and Australia.  The iPads were provisioned with a dedicated app store featuring a selection of specialist apps for therapy and patient education.

After the mentoring session, each therapist is able to able to remotely logon to the Orion Concerto system over a secure Citrix session with 2-factor authentication and update their patient records without driving back to the hospital.  This means therapists can spend more time with patients – doing what they love.

Key Features

  • iPads with keyboard

  • Citrix remote access with 2FA

  • AirWatch provided by Mobile MentorMentoring session for each therapist


The time savings means that each therapist is able to visit 6 extra patients per month so across the group of 109 therapists this means 654 additional patient visits per month!

The therapy and education apps enhance the interaction between the therapist and patient and help to overcome language and cultural barriers.




About Waitemata DHB Allied Health

Waitemata DHB Allied Health provides a range of services such as occupational therapy , physiotherapy and social work across the north shore of Auckland, New Zealand.