The client is an international facilities management company with tens of thousands of employees. As part of its very successful portfolio, they manage federal penitentiaries and need to use mobile devices for job management in a secure environment where there is no cellular coverage, no WiFi and where mobile devices are prohibited.


The client engaged Mobile Mentor to solve this challenge. The solution implemented by the team at Mobile Mentor used Apple Configurator to set-up the iPads, lock down Bluetooth and WiFi, generate secure key pairs and deploy unique policy settings. Apple Business Manager was then used to bind the iPads to Microsoft Intune to streamline the device enrollment and deploy apps securely.


The client was able to deploy iPads with a secure configuration and use Microsoft Intune to manage the iPads remotely and deploy app updates as required. Employees are now able to use their trusted job management apps and processes to work efficiently in a highly secure environment and remain secure and compliant at all times.