“We know we can rely on Mobile Mentor for outstanding support and management of our mobile users, devices and connections as well as their valuable input in our mobility strategy.”



MPI is a highly secure government department with a very distributed workforce. They asked Mobile Mentor to deliver a mobility solution that met three core needs:       

  • All mobile devices needed to be secure

  • Employees were enabled and happy with the service

  • Costs were managed and under control


Mobile Mentor delivers a full suite of services to MPI as its mobility partner.

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution securely hosted in New Zealand and tailored for MPI’s individual user-groups needs based on roles and requirements.

A Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) service which scans the posture of each device and alerts MPI employees and Mobile Mentor of any breaches through malicious apps, unsecure Wi-Fi, Phishing or Man-in-the-Middle attacks. We manage the overall security posture and usage of the devices looking for anomalies. We ensure the operating system on all devices are up to date further protecting the security posture of the devices.

A Service Desk, including level 1 (end user) and level 2/3 (technical) for all mobile devices – iOS and Android.

Rapid replacement and recovery of any device to ensure that lost, stolen, damaged or faulty devices are replaced quickly and effectively, keeping MPI employees productive.

Hardware Management that monitors the fleet of devices, identifies when hardware is coming up for replacement and alerts MPI so they can budget for this cost in their next financial year. When hardware is due to be replaced, we manage the device refresh process for MPI, including employee communications, provisioning new devices, receiving old devices back for secure wipe and disposal/refurbishment.

Mobile Expense Management which reviews all mobility costs for MPI and providing costs for each employee, team and cost center through monthly management reports, spend alerts and data plan limit alerting.

App Management which includes an Enterprise App Store, administration of the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), release management for Vertical Apps (Line of Business), guidance on App Lifecycle management best practices and app analytics.

Policy Management to review the acceptable use policy at MPI for Mobile on an ongoing basis and ensure it aligns with technical policy in order to deliver on any security and compliance requirements balanced with employee experience and privacy.

Onsite support staff manage communications and support to employees not adhering to policy. Their role is to educate, escalate and remediate any breaches. They also manage international roaming devices and provide a VIP walk-up concierge service.



MPI now has a fully outsourced managed mobile solution. We work collaboratively to ensure a high level of security, usability and cost control for nearly 3,000 devices so employees can be productive and empowered through the most secure mobile technology available.

We meet regularly to discuss performance and provide thought leadership. Our combined philosophy is to be a partner to those we serve.


About MPI

The Ministry for Primary Industries is helping to seize export opportunities for New Zealand’s primary industries, improve sector productivity, ensure the food produced is safe, increase sustainable resource use, and protect New Zealand from biological risk.  MPI has an outsourced partnering model for delivery of all core IT services choosing specialists in every field.  Mobile Mentor has been MPI’s mobile partner for over 8 years.  MPI can use Mobile Mentor’s services listed in the government’s procurement panel known as TaaS (Telecoms as a Service).