“The lockdown has shown some companies that remote work is not only possible but required”

In a fast-paced world with devices everywhere, this pandemic has proven that remote device management is needed more now than ever.

From teachers, nurses, attorneys to admin staff, everyone has a device – and most have both a phone and laptop.  Shelter in place has shown some companies that remote work is not only possible but required.  This raises the question… how do you manage these devices? 

Microsoft’s Endpoint Management platform contains Microsoft Intune. It offers a comprehensive management solution designed exactly for remote management.


Microsoft Intune features and capabilities 

With Microsoft Intune you can enjoy the following:

  • Improved productivity and security

  • Mobile application management

  • The ability to select from a variety of management scenarios

  • Zero touch deployment from vendor to employee


The list of capabilities goes on and new features are being added quickly – right now Microsoft is averaging an update every two weeks.  Intune’s device management capabilities are designed to make life easier when it comes to employee support.  The ease of management frees IT staff to do other things like managing internal projects instead of stayed caught up in business-as-usual activities.

Mobile Application Management (MAM), a feature set in Intune, provides security features like restricting copy/paste and denying the ability to backup secure documents to an employee’s personal cloud.  All of this is possible without enrolling the device, which is great for personal devices.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Intune provides these capabilities through a web interface and eliminates the need for IT to handle a device. It also removes the need to have machines on the domain, which is ideal in a work from home or full lockdown scenario.


Are you interested in remote device management? 

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