It’s simple. Companies that have embraced Modern Endpoint Management have more proactive IT teams than their peers who use legacy endpoint practices. This is because they have time to plan ahead, and they are not always fighting fires. 

However, making the change to modern endpoint management can seem like a tough hill to climb. It’s a shift, no doubt. And like anything worth doing it takes some work to get it right. But, I promise you, once you’ve done it, you won’t regret it.  

My hope is that if you are not already using Modern Management practices for Endpoint Management, you’ll consider the benefits, and in turn consider making the shift.   

“Modern Management with Intune changed everything. We’re finally where we want to be.”


– Michael Rogers, Systems Administrator, Bristol City Schools


What is Modern Endpoint Management?

Modern Endpoint Management is a cloud-based system. It uses Microsoft Intune as an endpoint management tool to control all your devices, bolster network security, and secure corporate data. These endpoint devices include computers, tablets, and phones. You have one system for provisioning, deployment, OS updates, patching, and compliance.  

All devices are managed in the cloud, so there is no need to physically interact with them. The IT team can work remotely and there is no need for hybrid employees to go to an office. Everything is done remotely so this model is ideal for the modern workforce. 

Why are IT Teams reactive? 

Many clients tell me that their IT team is under-resourced and bogged down with high-touch, legacy processes. They might be manually imaging new machines, deploying OS updates, application patching, manual password resets, and rebuilding machines. 

This kind of work will sap the energy of even the best IT teams and keep them eternally busy. There will always be new devices, OS updates, and patch management needs…… never ends. Teams doing this work manually are reacting, they have no spare time and it is impossible to be proactive about critical security initiatives or improvement projects.   

Process Automation with Modern Endpoint Management 

The good news is that Modern Endpoint Management eliminates those manual processes that require IT people to be physically present in your office. 

For instance, Zero-Touch Provisioning, eliminates the need to manually provision desktops and laptops. Over-the-air Windows updates removes the need for users to be inside the domain. Automated patching eliminates manual application patching. Passwordless Authentication ends the nightmare of traditional password management, where knowledge workers have an average of 97 passwords. 

These capabilities can be applied to Windows, Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android. It also extends to BYO devices so you can secure Office 365 data on employee’s smartphones that are not managed by your company. 

What are the Benefits of Modern Endpoint Management? 

Simply put, the tactical benefits of Modern Endpoint Management are advantageous to the operation of any business. 

  • It improves security – because you can manage all devices, apply over-the-air updates, keep applications patched and monitor compliance – from a single pane of glass. 
  • It lowers cost – Modern Endpoint Management operating model saves money because you eliminate several time-consuming manual processes.  
  • It delivers a terrific user experience– your team will be enabled to work securely on any device without the need to use a VPN and receive software updates silently over the air. 

The strategic benefit is that your IT team will receive the gift of time. With less noise to deal with, they will be less reactive and more proactive.  

Taking the first step with Modern Endpoint Management 

If you want to learn how Modern Endpoint Management can work for your company, we have a service called the 365 Accelerator. This is an assessment of your endpoint security and employee experience that results in a detailed implementation plan showing all the steps required to modernize your endpoint ecosystem.   

Reach out to the Mobile Mentor team today and we will mentor you on this exciting journey.   




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