Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea, discusses with the Influential Personal Brand Podcast host, AJ Vaden, the move to remote work since the beginning of the pandemic. The two explore the consequences of the shift concerning the way employees behave and work by examining the results of the recent 2022 Endpoint Ecosystem study.

Additionally, Denis talks about Mobile Mentor’s recent win of Microsoft’s coveted Partner of the Year award. He chats with AJ about how Mobile Mentor leveraged the status of the award to scale the business in the past year.


Important points from the episode include: 

  • What companies can do to determine the right balance between security and employee experience

  • The importance of effective communication when rolling out new technology to your company

  • The rise of cybercrime since the beginning of the pandemic

  • Moving past passwords, embracing biometrics, and going password-less

  • Why highly regulated industries like Finance, Government, Education, and Healthcare are being targeted by cybercriminals

  • Tackling the issue of Shadow IT with remote workers

  • Strategies for BYOD (Bring your own device) programs

  • Moving swiftly to leverage the Microsoft Partner of the Year award


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