Remote Education Required Remote Device Management

AZ Charter Academy wanted a better way to manage their devices. IT staff needed a way to support and empower employees and students through remote education. The pandemic forced AZ Charter to reconsider their IT processes for remote management.

AZ Charter engaged Mobile Mentor to explore modern device management using Microsoft 365 technologies. AZ Charter was already paying for a Microsoft 365 license and wanted to maximize the value of their purchase. Further, AZ Charter needed to reduce the amount of time IT spent on device management.


AZ Charter Gets Intune for Windows and Zero Touch Provisioning

Mobile Mentor is a specialist in modern device management for remote education.  Mobile Mentor recommended a service package called Intune for Windows to enable Zero Touch Provisioning of all new Windows machines.

This project transitioned AZ Charter away from manual device imaging and into a cloud-first profile-based device management structure that is designed for remote work and support. Through Microsoft Intune and Windows Updates for Business, AZ Charter was able to switch from active patch management to configuration-based updates. Users can update their Windows devices from anywhere without a huge time investment from IT. If an issue is discovered during an early update group, the update can be paused – IT retains control.

Zero-Touch provisioning allows AZ Charter to purchase Windows devices directly from their manufacturer and ship them directly to faculty and staff. When end-users receive their device, they get to unbox it and setup begins once they sign in with their AZ Charter credentials.  Applications, policies and settings are all configured over the air, from any internet connection, and takes around 30 minutes.

As with all schools and businesses, AZ Charter’s environment had some unique aspects to it. Mobile Mentor was able to address these with good solutions:

  • This client environment had different laptop SKUs with varying capability, so Mobile Mentor designed two configurations, one with passwordless authentication, and another without.

  • AZ Charter had an established “golden image” that met their unique requirements. Mobile Mentor was able to recreate their “golden image” within Intune as a set of profiles and configurations.

  • Students and Educators needed to be able to use and update their devices from their homes. This is now possible through zero touch provisioning and profile-based management.

Mobile Mentor implemented a production base build with Microsoft Intune with

  • Applications

  • Policies

  • Configurations

  • Autopilot for Win10

  • Windows Updates for Business

  • Windows Hello


AZ Charter Has Streamlined and More Effective Operations Through Modern Management

AZ Charter were previously using various overlapping technologies, such as Fortigate EMS, Deep Freeze, and more. Operating system updates were previously managed using WSUS. AZ Charter can now sunset these technologies, reducing bottom line costs and simplifying operations.

Windows 10 devices no longer need to be brought in for patching and do not need to be on campus to receive updates. IT has been freed to focus on innovation and supporting the business in education efforts.

All this was made possible through modern management and Microsoft 365.


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