“Mobile Mentor had deep knowledge of Intune and were very professional to work with. You could tell they were experts at Intune, and they were very helpful to us.”

– Pablo Molina, ILC Dover


ILC Dover are engineers at their core and they develop innovative flexible containment solutions – including spacesuits! ILC Dover have Microsoft Intune to manage their iOS devices and wanted to have their Intune configuration checked against best practice and industry standards. They also wanted to pilot Intune for managing their Windows device fleet.

ILC Dover knew that the capabilities of Intune for remote device management could lead to lower device management costs and a better employee experience so they reached out to Microsoft and were put in touch with Mobile Mentor.



Mobile Mentor provided two solutions as a package to ILC Dover: an MDM Health Check and an Intune for Windows pilot. These are both fixed-cost professional service packages that enabled ILC Dover to achieve both of their desired outcomes.

The MDM Health Check included

  • Licenses

  • Certificates

  • OU and Group Structure

  • Roles Based Access

  • AD integration

  • Office 365 integration

  • Integration with data repositories

  • Per-app VPN

  • App deployment practices

  • Devices policies and profiles


The Intune for Windows Pilot included

  • Demonstrating the productivity and security advantages of managing Windows 10 devices on Intune.

  • Leveraging Zero-Touch Provisioning to show how Windows Autopilot can provision devices remotely, over the air.

  • Demonstrating the time savings of policy-based Operating System update management compared to traditional patch management with WSUS

  • Demonstrating the time savings of eliminating device imaging and switching to profile based device management


“We’re excited by the capabilities we get in Intune and are looking forward to the new remote device management options it affords us. We will be moving forward with Intune for management of all our devices.”

– Pablo Molina, ILC Dover

Though the services provided by Mobile Mentor, ILC Dover was able to identify and remediate gaps in their existing Intune implementation.  This resulted in their iOS device users having a better employee experience while increasing data security.

ILC Dover also successfully piloted Intune for Windows devices and chose to move forward with modern device management for their fleet of Windows 10 devices.

Mobile Mentor worked alongside ILC Dover engineers throughout the project and provided step-by-step instructions for the Windows pilot. This hands-on approach ensured ILC Dover engineers were receiving the valuable knowledge for Windows device management in Intune.

Looking ahead, ILC Dover will continue their digital transformation to modern device management and modern security for all devices.



ILC Dover are innovators at their core, they develop engineered solutions for their customers’ complex problems.

Recognized globally for their flexible containment solutions, ILC Dover serves customers in a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, personal care, food and beverage, chemical, aerospace, healthcare and government agencies. At ILC Dover, quality is a culture, not a measurement. Their customers will tell you that ILC Dover caters to their every need and that ILC Dover is highly innovative, responsive, dedicated, and competitive. ILC Dover has been innovating since 1947. ILC Dover’s visionary solutions improve efficiency, safeguard workers and product, and prevent disasters—proof that they are on the front line of business excellence.