New-Indy Containerboard Sought a Mobile Device Management Solution

As a growing company, New-Indy Containerboard was lacking a mobile device management solution. New-Indy knew they needed a more sustainable and scalable approach to manage their on- and off-premises devices for end users. Additionally, the group wanted to heighten their security and defend against modern threats. 

New-Indy’s existing device management practice required manually configuring laptops. They were also in need of a Multi Factor Authentication program to enhance device security.  Their IT team was stretched thin and in need of time to focus on innovation, rather than maintenance and regular manual configurations.  

To increase security, leverage modern device management, and reduce their team’s time spent on manual configurations and device management, New-Indy Containerboard engaged the experts at Mobile Mentor. 

New-Indy Device Management and Heighten Security 

The team at Mobile Mentor addressed New-Indy Containerboard’s desire for streamlined Mobile Device Management by configuring Microsoft Intune, enabling Zero Touch Provisioning and offering ongoing support for end-users.  

Intune features such as single-point app management would ensure that New-Indy’s IT team could manage end-user devices from a single pane of glass. Zero touch provisioning guaranteed that the New Indy team would no long have to manually provision devices. The Mobile Mentor team also implemented their naming schema in the tenant so the New-Indy team could identify groups and users more efficiently. 

Additional aspects of the solution included 

  • A set of policies to manage New-Indy users and their systems 
  • Configurations for automated software packaging and update deployment 
  • A knowledge transfer of the technology to New-Indy Containerboard engineers 
  • As-built documentation of New-Indy’s environment as implemented  
  • On-going support from the Mobile Mentor team  

New Indy can Scale Reliably with Microsoft Intune 

New-Indy is now successfully managing 667 licensed users with Microsoft Intune. Their device management capability is positioned to scale with the company’s growth. Packages and app updates are deploying automatically, ensuring continued device and data security. 

Users at New-Indy are now managed with new security requirements, ultimately leaving the company less exposed to cyber threats. In addition to heightened security, the company’s IT team now has gained increased accessibility and visibility into end-users’ devices. The group can operate with peace of mind and greater clarity. To the delight of their IT team, devices no longer need to be provisioned or imaged manually. This reduces bottom line costs and frees the IT team up to work innovative projects instead of keeping the lights on.  

Moving forward, New Indy is positioned to start a BYOD program for their employees by leveraging their existing Intune environment, further raising security. Things are looking up at New-Indy.  

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New-Indy is an independent, privately-owned manufacturer and supplier of corrugated boxes, recycled containerboard, and virgin linerboard in the industrial packaging industry.

With nearly 2,000 employees and products proudly made in America, New-Indy has established a perfect balance in its manufacturing process. New-Indy is the only company in the industry today that uses 100 percent recycled fiber to produce 50 percent high-quality brown paper products and 50 percent virgin paper products to serve every need of the customer.