Switching from G Suite to Microsoft

Notre Dame Prep is in a transition from G Suite to Microsoft technology and wanted to take advantage of their investment in Microsoft 365 licenses. As part of this evolution, Notre Dame Prep wanted to explore the possibilities of Microsoft Intune and modern device management for their remote students and educators.

The CFO wanted to remove overlapping and unnecessary systems during this evolution as well. So, the initiative needed to reduce or eliminate the costs of maintaining on-premises servers and back-end equipment.

The starting point was the ability to support students and educators remotely.


New Possibilities with Zero Touch Provisioning

Mobile Mentor recommended Zero Touch Provisioning for Notre Dame Prep. This allows Notre Dame to ship devices directly from the manufacturer to educators and students. When received, the user gets to unbox the device, sign-in with their school credentials, and then profiles, configurations, and security controls are downloaded over the air, from any internet connection.

This new capability frees Notre Dame Prep IT staff to focus on others areas and eliminate manual device provisioning – a time waster for IT that produced little value. For students and educators, it meant getting devices faster and with less headache. Win-win.

Mobile Mentor was able to implement a base build in Microsoft Intune with

  • Applications

  • Policies

  • Configurations

  • Windows Autopilot

  • Windows Update for Business

  • MacOS device compliance and configuration


Ready for the Future

Notre Dame Prep is well on their way in their journey to switch from G Suite to Microsoft and Mobile Mentor is proud to be a part of that journey. Notre Dame Prep is now capable of remote device management and well positioned to eliminate duplicate technologies.

Further, with the time savings of profile-based device management, Notre Dame Prep is free to focus on remaining initiatives and move at a faster pace.

Notre Dame Prep is now able to focus on the future and is hoping to grow their student population, under pinned by a streamlined and more efficient device management strategy.


About notre dame preparat0ry high school

Notre Dame Preparatory is a Diocesan Catholic college preparatory high school in the Diocese of Phoenix. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona. NDP promotes academic excellence, instills moral values and encourages lifelong service to others. The NDP community embraces families from all corners of the metropolitan Phoenix area, representing the ethnic, racial, socio-economic, and religious diversity of the region. NDP welcome all students seeking a quality education, and those who demonstrate pillars of Reverence, Respect and Responsibility.