SeaLink Needed to Keep Professional Drivers Safe and Informed 

The Australian-based transportation company, SeaLink, had a distinct need to move corporate resources securely onto tablets. SeaLink drivers operate a fleet of luxury coaches and need real-time information presented in a safe and secure manner.  

SeaLink’s goal was to provide a more efficient and safe experience for drivers. To achieve this, the group needed to deliver and present information such as GPS location, safely, without impacting safety for drivers and passengers. 

Other information included tracking data on the movement of each luxury coach and ability for drivers to check-in and ensure each vehicle will arrive in a timely manner. 


Reliably Delivering Real-Time Information to Samsung Tablets in Kiosk Mode 

To address the needs of SeaLink, Mobile Mentor recommended and applied a Kiosk mode setting on SeaLink tablets. Sealink had a fleet of Samsung 2 and 3 tablets, which were compatible with kiosk mode. Using the Kiosk framework, each device would run specific applications and resources while restricting general usage on the tablet.  

To meet SeaLink’s security needs, a VPN tunnel was created and implemented using VMWare’s Tunnel edge service to securely access the backend of the business application.  



Improved Safety for Customers and Real-time Information for Drivers 

With Mobile Mentor’s assistance, SeaLink was able to achieve: 

  • A successful kiosk mode program equipped to deliver real-time information to drivers on large Samsung tablets safely. 

  • A successful migration to VMware Tunnel, ensuring reliable and secure connections to SealLink’s backend infrastructure. 

  • An enrolment of approximately 200 devices into the environment at launch;   

SeaLink can now deploy and manage this solution to its fleet of busses with a scalable roadmap. SeaLink is positioned to scale the program to as many devices as are licensed. Drivers can now see in real-time information, safely, without the need to use personal devices or suffer delays. 



SeaLink owns and operates one of the largest coach, touring and 4WD vehicle fleets on Kangaroo Island and on mainland South Australia. They provide professional drivers that have many years of experience driving passenger vehicles. Sealink, ensures the customer experience is safe and memorable.  

Their Driver-Guides are locals who have a passion and in-depth knowledge of South Australia. All are skilled in providing exceptional tour commentaries whilst delivering a courteous service beyond customer expectations.